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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 8, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PST

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video. >> laura: that is it for us tonight. be sure to check out web site. have a big radio announce want on monday. laura and follow me at twitter, ingraham angle. i will be tweeting throughout the weekend. thanks for watching us tonight. in for bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops right here because we are always looking out for you. ♪ ♪ >> welcome to hannity and tonight we start with three very important questions. now, how is it possible that american has gotten so far off.
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economy will slow and slip into double digit recession like europe right now is experiencing. comes as more bad news on the jobs front as 350,000 americans have left the labor force which is a good indication that a real recovery is nowhere in sight. now, let's get right to the bottom line. you, the american people in american pay zero federal
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income tax. tell me what part of that is not fair? most taxpayers pay close to more than 50 cents of every dollar they make. they pay the state, the local, the fatigue government in taxes. what america should be addressing is two things. one, we should be addressing generational theft. we now as a country borrow 40 cents of every dollar that the government spends, and we've accumulated 16 trillion dollars in debt. now, in 2008 obama called nine trillion dollars in debt. he said that was irresponsible, unpatriotic. to say this another way, we're literally stealing money from our children and our grandchildren. now, this is the kind of generational theft that has never happened in this country until now, and neerlt part neits addressing this on a regular basis. both parties are arguing over how to tax the rich. now, number two. greed and overspending. for all the talk about greedy rich people in america, how is it possible that politicians' greed is never addressed? after all, they robbed the social security trust fund.
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they spent it. that's your retirement money that was supposed to be put away in a safe lock box. they spent that money. medicare is also headed for bankruptcy, and obama just raided that to the tune of $$716 billion. why? he wanted that money for obama care. how is it possible that the very people that have squandered your retirement, have brought us to the brink of becoming greece, the people that are stealing from their children and breaking open their piggy banks, how can they call people who pay half of the taxes greedy? they're the ones that are agreey, they're the ones that are selfish, and they're the ones that have spent beyond their means. you rarely hear that. why is that? the left controls most media outlets in the country and they define compassion and generosity by spending other people's money. this is a selfish, massive power grab and this is done by greedy politicians, you know, the ones that claim they care about you as they crat -- as they create d
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see, there are 18 mor million me americans on food stamps. 50 million americans in total on food stampletion. one in six americans live in poverty, millions more living paycheck to paycheck. i suspect with all the government compassion, i believe people would rather live debt-free. there's a lot of good time spending their money and then blaming the people who are giving them the money. if we're going to save america, we've got to recognize that the government has failed us. the government has caused this problem and greedy, power-hungry politicians have successfully passed the blame onto the very people that are paying for all their spending. meanwhile, they keep their power as dependency on government grows and they like you dependent on them. usually after an election there is a period where good governing can occur, but not with this president. this has become a never ending
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campaign 24/7 of dividing america. if you're critical of susan rice for giving the nation false advise on libya, yo you are a racest and you hate women. the first step in saving america is to recognize that the greedy and selfish people live in washington, and if americans finally see the simple truth, we can save america for future generations. joining me now with his thoughts is fox news contributor and, of course, syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. why is it we never hear about greedy washington politicians? >> well because as you say, people define greed as sort of the a private quality. the idea that you're spending other people's money is considered norma noble and comps nat. that's how you define compassionate conservetism in the bush years. you come up with programs in africa or the prescription drug
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benefit. that's a demonstration of compassion. it's actually a transfer of wealth from one class to another. i think the one point the people overlook, so much of the money since the great society is being spent on social security and medicare. this is essentially a generati it isn't only that we are indebting or creating indebtedness for our children which they have to pay off, but we're literally taking the money from workers through the fica taxes and #- the medicare taxesd giving it to the wealthy or the elderly. the irony is unlike at the time of fdr when the wealthy or the elderly were generally living in poverty, they're now actually wealthier than the average american, so you're getting a per verse wealth transfer from the less rich young to the more rich elderly, but that's considered compassion by particularly the liberal media. >> i read your most recent column and i liked a lot of what you had to say here. you said that the president's
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strategy in these fiscal cliff negotiations is nothing but a power play, and in a previous column you actually used the words they want to humiliate the republicans. expand on that and explain that. >> well, you get the republicans the day after election day making good faith offers, boehner breaking with 20 years of tradition says we'll give you revenues, $800 million, and that's a real break for the republicans. that's a peace pipe. what does he get in return? the president sends the treasury secretary, geithner, to boehner and to mcconnell. he pockets the $800 billion. he double ths it and says i want 1.6 trillion. he demand not only no spending cuts of any importance but increased stimulus in spending which is preposterous when you're running trillion dollar deficit. and just to add insult, and here's the insult, he demands congress give up the power to
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control the deficit. that's obviously meanlt to humiliate the republicans. it's a non-starter. it's not acceptable. it's a way of saying to boehner you want to hand me your sword, you want to hand me your shirt? i want your trousers as well. the white house is not budging, and everybody's waiting, meaning the media, the administration are waiting for republicans to cave. >> look. i agree totally with you and their posture, their public posture appears that they're going that way. i'll give you a quick example. when john boehner started to answer the other day and he said well, our plan is to raise revenues on the rich, he was co opting barack obama's language and we read this week about the purging and the removal of conservatives and tea party members from their committee assignments because they didn't vote the way speaker boehner wants. that seems to me to be evidence that a surrender is coming. >> well, i'm not sure it's the appointments so much as the substance of the negotiations.
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i think, you know, once you cave on rates, you've given up -- the president says it's the principle for him that republicans have to cave on rates because he pretends that you can't raise the revenues you want, meaning the money you want for the treasury by doing it through deductions, eliminating deductions and loopholes which is what everybody agrees is the way to do it. that's what reagan did with tip o'neill in 1986. they eliminated deductions, credits, loopholes, etc., and they were able to lower rates, and that created a real economic engine. so you can raise this money by eliminating deductions. the president simply wants to force republicans to raise rates as a way to break their will, to recreate what happened to george bush, sr. when he promised no new taxes. he broke the plij and he destroyed his political future. >> i guess strategically,
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tactically, my reaction to them is stand on your principles. that's why you were elected. part two is first of all, you have the debt ceiling coming up. they have a lot of power. they should never surrender their constitutional authority to the president. why don't they just pass their bill? give it to the president. extend all the bush tax cuts. would that be a good idea, or do you have a better idea? >> no. i think they should. i think the president will play because everybody now including, as you said, boehner himself is talking about the rich in sort of obama terms. obama will come back and say no, we're going to eliminate the tax cuts for the rich. we're just going to give them to the middle class, and that's where they're ahead in public opinion, but i think they're not going to have i any choice. republicans have to stick together. they have to resist the pressure of the white house, and if obama wants to take them over a cliff and wants to inherit a new recession which will destroy his second term, i think they ought to say if that's what you want, mr. president, we'll just do it. >> well said as always.
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charles krauthammer, thanks so much for being with us. appreciate it. >> it's a pleasure. coming up, jones makes a grand return and gloats about the victory in the election. his speech was nothing short of offensive. we'll play it for you. you'll hear the less than civil rhetoric being spewed by the former green jobs czar. the situation in syria has hit critical mass that president assad is ready to launch chemical weapons on his own people. president obama issued a warning to assad. to assad. will he stand by his own
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>> we cannot have a situation where chemical or biological weapons are falling into the hands of the wrong people. we have been very clear to the outside regime, but also to other players on the ground that a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. that would change my calculus.
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>> sean: that was president obama back in august explaining what the country's position would be if the syrian government started moving around chemical weapons to use against its own people. well, this week we learned that the syrian government did just that. they have mixed and are red to use sarin gas. as the "new york times" pointed out earlier today, president obama now seems to be changing his position. now, their report reads in part, quote, in the past week amid intelligence reports that some precursor chemicals have been mixed for possible use as weapons, mr. obama's red line appears to have shifted. his warning against moving weapons has disappeared from his public pronouncements as well as those of secretary of state hillary rodham clinton. if we hold the president accountable for what he said in august, we've crossed the red line. joining us is former new mexico governor bill richardson and andrew mccarthy. governor, he said that we have -- you know, a red line is here for us if we start seeing chem
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weapons being moved around. chemical weapons are being moved around. now he actually shifted his statement today, if they used them. what does that show but weakness for america if he doesn't mean what he says? >> well, i don't believe the president has changed his position. i'm not privy to all the discussions, but it's been very clear that the latest words are they're going to be some serious consequences. what you don't want to do, sean, at this stage is you don't want to give the other side what you're going to do, so there's ambiguity that is used in did i diplomacy. what we don't want is hezbollah, for instance, to get ahold of some of these chemical weapons and they're near sop of these weapon sites. there's a political element here that might be changing, and that is russia's position. if russia unloads their support of assad, i think assad is almost gone, and you are seeing
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that happening with assad saying he's going to use some of these chemical weapons. it's desperation. what i think we also are seeing is stronger pressure from some of the other surrounding countries, turkey, qatar, i think the european union is seeing the effects of assad falling and by the way, the use of chemical weapons hasn't happened. they've brought some of the sarin together. >> i wonder if some of these chemical weapons could have been transferred from iraq and lead up to the war. dick cheney said last night, andy, that our alleys no longer trust us and our allies and our enemies no longer fear us. what do you think of that? >> well, look. i think he's right. i think in this equation it's clear that president obama again has moved the goal post on a commitment that he made. that said, i must say i'm more concerned about the assad
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successor regime and the haste of the administration. i think actually the president's been -- i don't know if he happened into this policy or if he decided on this policy, but not backing the rebels has been a smart move just because i think they're rife with al-qaeda elements. we need to be concerned about whose hands those weapons of mass destruction, whether chemical or biological, fall into. in response to what the governor said, i think it would be naive not to think that some of these weapons are already in the hands of hezbollah. >> i would agree with that. let me ask in a broader sense, governor richardson. here we see egypt. now, when the president was helping to push mubarak out, he was telling everybody this is a democracy movement. there were those of us out there, andy was one of them, i was one of them saying the muslim brother hood will take over. a few people paid attention. that happened. now the muslim brother hood is pretty much turning this into an
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iislam i canic theocracy. they have taken over the military, and mobs are raping women in tahrir square and there's been virtual silence from the president. is that a failed policy of obama? >> no. it's not a failed policy. it's a policy that i believe the american people support, a policy that -- >> they're raping women. how cab you say that? >> the united states was in support of moc demock democracy. he said he's going to be supportive of the relationship with israel. >> do you believe that? >> he did play an important role when hamas and israel were fighting each other. he played a broker role. look. >> he didn't play a broker role. that's not true. >> no, no, no. he sent his prime minister to
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try to cool things down. look. it's not a perfect situation. all i'm saying. >> the prime minister condemned israel. >> what is important here is to try to bring some stability into the region, and i think eventually the president, my hope, is to try to get the israelis. >> sean: oh, my gosh. >> to get them together for noash negotiation. it means working with our allies and especially russia and syria. this is the most current crisis that we have. >> let me go back to andy here. >> i see that happening because i dealt with them at the united nations. if russia supports stronger sanctions in the security council, i think assad is gone, and that's the best way we should go. >> sean: andy, i'm looking at the emerge general generals ofen style theocracy. >> it's no longer a theory, it's a fact. look at the draft substitution which is the whole reason for
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morsi's move. he's trying to protect the constituent assembly and that substitution because it's the framework for sharia. > >> sean: how could he have been so wrong on egypt? >> wishful thinking or he knew it and thought it wasn't going to be so bad. i don't want to read his mind. it's a catastrophe. >> sean: governor, always a pleasure, andy, good to see you. nbc news should be ashamed of themselves. this is happening almost on a regular basis. they pulled the race card again. mtv is all about shock value. is the teen network now pushed the envelope too far? they've got a new show called buck wild. it's caught the ire of law makers. we'll preview that for you. are they putting kids lives at risk. a radio prank involving the royal family's kate middleton goes terribly wrong. the woman who answered the prank call has reportedly committed suicide and people are saying the radio hosts have blood on their hands.
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>> sean: earlier today nbc news did what it does best, and that's plac play the race card e a splitting whether or not congressman tim scott will be chosen to fill a vacant seat. the left wing anchors at nbc news said the following. >> on the other hand, is he a good pick for a republican, you know, governor out of south carolina? sure. it's a reasonable pick. i mean, i don't think that african-americans are going to be particularly thrilled with a
2:36 am
republican southerner, but diversity matters, so it would be nice to have an african-american in the senate. >> just to the point you're making there, he is appointed, he goes up for election. is the south ready for a black senator. >> we've got to be careful assuming this is a southern problem. basically only illinois and massachusetts have managed to elect african-american state wides in the u.s. cincinnati, and one of the guys from illinois ended up president. >> is the south ready for a black senator? you've got to be kidding. will nbc ever stop trying to divide this country along racial lines? an important question at a time where we need to really help save america. joij me witjoining me with reacd web, basil smichael. let me play this. chicago is racist, urban is racist. can't say these words because they're, quote, dog whistles to nbc. they're the worst perpetratorrors of this. watch a small snip pet of
2:37 am
highlights. >> it was just frustrating to watch a guy lie to the american people ant not be counter punched because we're afraid he's going to be called an anglely black man. when i see the president, i don't see a black man. >> talking about getting the work requirement for welfare is dishonest. you're playing the ethnic card. he keeps saying chicago, by the way. did you notice? this guy is helping the poor people in a bad neighborhood skewing us in the burbs. >> a dog whistle is a dog whistle, clarence. a trumpet call is another. shuck and jive has a particular ethnic connection. it's slang. doesn't mean evil. to throw that at the president is an ethnic shot. pretty blatant. >> without getting into an argument whether he's taking the president out of context, i'm telling you it's happening every day. it's a dog whistle. >> i resent that. come on. what is this grand widt wizard
2:38 am
nonsense. >> give me break. don't go there with me. >> okay. good. thank you. there's none of those problems over there. all those birthers. >> dog whistle, chicago, urban, foreign. you can't say any of these things. >> there are a lot of black people in chicago. the fact of the matter is -- >> a work requirement -- >> in 2008 we tip towed around the race issue. in 2012 we're running fast and loose with it. its actually very uncomfortable for me to listen to that, but the fact of the matter is i will say melissa is right. there are very few african-americans in state wide office in this country's history, but i wouldn't go so far as to say the south's not ready. there were states in the south that voted for barack obama to be president of the united states. >> sean: can i just say something? this is hurting the country. there's real racism, and when it's out there, people should be called out on it. this isn't it. they're making it up because they're dividing the country. this is a dangerous game they're playing over at nbc.
2:39 am
>> this is back to the strategy of when did you stop beating your wife. they throw it out there that you were beating your wife and when did you stop. they throw out the race card. they throw out the narrative. we see this happening. unfortunately, you're right. when there's real racism, when there are issues that should be tackled, they're minimized because of this approach. the race pimps out there which melissa is. i've had this discussion with her. the fact is they're not fair and playing their race narrative. when you look at the dog whistle, the code. by the way, does anybody know what an ap style guide is over there. i never saw a dog whistle. i never saw all these terms. they're disgrace to my profession. >> sean: george zimmerman filed a lawsuit. they ede edited the operator asg is he black, white, hispanic. good for george zimmerman. that was purposely deceptive on their part.
2:40 am
this is now -- this is now becoming an -- i don't know what the reason is, but this is now their m.o., and i think it's harmful to the dialogue. it's certainly hurting their news brand. if i'm tom brokaw, if i'm matt lauer or brian williams, i'd be embarrassed by what my news organization is doing regularly now. >> you know, what's interesting to me is that i think this whole conversation about race over the last four years since the president's been in office. i mean, there has been an undertone where we haven't used racial language specifically, but there's been a racial con connotation. >> this is where i disagree. >> he's one of the most educated men ever, and we're still questioning whether he's born in the country. >> here's the thing. we actually haven't had a conversation about race, and that's where i disagree with you. because a conversation about race is something that happens outside of the dog whistle attacks. both sides -- either side, no
2:41 am
side, throw it all off. we were called a nation of cow yards by eric holder. the president had a moment with professor gates. he had all these times when he could have led on the issue. regardless of color, any president has that opportunity. he had greater opportunity. instead he used it. >> sean: we'll put you all back in chains? >> was that not an opportunity to talk about chains when he invited the police officer? >> that was a photo op. the real opportunity would have been -- in his own words, he said i don't know exactly what happened, but the police acted irresponsibly. that's not leadership. that is putting something in a context where you can use it for a narrative. >> sean: our own vice-president used it in this election cycle. >> put you all back in chains. >> sean: democrats, you can take it back for years. they've used the race card, and i can chronicle it and i have for people. guys, good to see you. if i don't see you, merry christmas. and coming up ... mtv's
2:42 am
brand new reality tv show is called buck wild. it makes jersey shore look pg. we'll let you decide if tv has gone too far, and are they putting kids' lives in jeopardy. then the rol royal hoax turs deadly. the nurse at the hospital where kate middleton was being treated took a prank call and it resulted in private information about the duchess made public. the nurse is now dead. the nurse allegedly committed music: "make someone happy" music: "make someone happy" ♪it's so important to make meone happy.♪.♪it's so e ♪make just one heart to heart ♪one smile that cheers you ♪one face that lights when it nears you.♪ ♪and you will be happy too.
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>> sean: is the now cancelled mtv show jersey show fading into security, buts there another project that's causing quite a stir. the show will air next month. it's called buck wild and it's being dubbed the jersey shore of appalachian. look at this. >> west virginia is a place founded on freedom. for me and my friends ... that means the freedom to do whatever the [bleep] we want. whatever happens, happens. >> i don't have the phone, facebook, none of that internet stuff. if it wasn't for my friends, i wouldn't be here. >> who do you know gets out here and loves to fling trash. >> this cat right here.
2:47 am
>> sean: the show is facing criticism and leading the way is a west virginia senator who wrote to mtv asking for the show to be cancelled. he asked them to put a stop to the travisty called buck wild. i am repulsed at this business venture where some americans are making money off the poor decisions of our youth. i cannot imagine that anyone who loves this country would feel proud about profiting off buck wild. joining me is lee an tweeden and tamara holder. do you support this? would you want your child doing some of those antics that frankly seem dangerous, cursing on tv, going nuts. do you have any problem with that? >> no. this is part of growing pains in america and having fun in america. there's nothing wrong with the show. just like jersey shore. it shows how people are just different parts of life in american culture. now, what i find really interesting, sean, is here you are, mr. conservative, mr., you know, pro growth, pro jobs, mtv
2:48 am
is creating jobs. >> sean: i wonder how much they're getting paid. >> they're talking about creating a crew. > >> sean: i don't have facebook. lee ann, they're showing these kids in the worst possible light. they're making money off it. >> i bet tamara's right. i'm sure they are making money. they're probably not making a lot of money, but they are making money. i have to agree with tamara. yes, it's going to put west virginia in a bad light, but there are kids all over the country in every state that probably could make fools out of themselves on television. the only thing i say is don't turn it on. don't watch it. i never watched one episode of the jersey shore ever. thank goodness it's off the air. >> sean: i barely know who snookie is. i'm with you. >> this is important. you know what? >> sean: one at a time, go ahead. >> i was talking to my friend yesterday and we were talking
2:49 am
about the honey boo boo culture and i used to do beauty pageants when i was a child. it's nothing like it is today. there's social media. everything is instant and on camera, so any time you put a camera in somebody's face, all they want to do is make a fool out of themselves and they say and they do and they're doing all these things that they think is going to make them famous which is absolutely insane. it's crazy, but that's the way it is. you take a group of kids and put them in this pop culture where they can get some fame and celebrate, and they'll do anything and everybody when you put a camera in their face. that's something you can talk about with your children. >> sean, don't you think this is the responsibility of the parents? you're a good parent. you have good kids. >> yes. >> don't you talk to your children and say this is behavior that isn't acceptable? >> sean: why is that kid being thrown down. wait a minute. that kid -- all right. he hats a me helmet on. that looks dangerous to me. >> there are a lost things that are dangerous. in the clip there are like mud bugging and they're like muffed wrestling -- mud wrestling
2:50 am
naked. i think you want to mud wrestle with the girls. >> sean: i do not want that girl. >> i'm from virginia. >> sean: did you do this? >> i yes, of course. we would four wheel and play in the mud and slide downhills and stuff. i turned out all right. >> sean: i have no problem with four wheeling, having fun. i think these kids play it up for the camera. i think they're taking risks that they could put themself in jeopardy. i understand manchin's point. they're creating a narrative that's false about people just like in new jersey or from west virginia. i understand that. i'm all for freedom. they can do whatever they want. parents want their kids in this stupid show. fine. they make money on it. >> sean, i think the rest of us are smart enough t to know that probably not everyone in west virginia is like this and not
2:51 am
everyone's child. >> you're not. >> or in new jersey is going to turn out that way. >> why don't you want to limit our first amendment rights? >> sean: i am not. >> no. this senator, a democrat, by the way, god forbid you agree with a democrat, he doesn't like freedom of speech. he doesn't like the first amendment and you're now agreeing with that? what happened to your conservatism. >> sean: one of these days, sadly, something tragic is going to happen on these shows. mark my words. i hope i'm wrong. gotta go. good to see you. >> it's this youtube generation. kids do crazy things now so they can be famous. kate middleton, the frank pk call tragedy. the nurse who took the h h h h h [ male announcer ] where do you turn for legal matters? at legalzoom, we've created a better place to handle your legal needs. maybe you have questions about incorporating a business you'd like to start. or questions about protecting your family with a will or living trust. and you'd like to find the right attorney to help guide you along, answer any questions and offer advice. with an "a" rating from the better business bureau legalzoom helps you get
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>> sean: welcome to hannity. a royal prank has led to a tragic outcome across the the pond. a nurse was found dead in an an apparent suicide after a pair of australian radio hosts tricked her into transferring them to the nurse who was caring for the duchess of cambridge. kate middl middleton was being d for morning sickness associated with the pregnancy. the nurse answered the call on tuesday when the shock jocks pretended to be the queen of england and prince charles. lifnl tlisten to this.
2:56 am
>> hello there. could i please speak to kate, please, my granddaughter. >> yes. just hold, ma'am. >> thank you. >> the pranksters got through and were given private medical information about middleton's condition. the radio station has since issued an apology and the hosts will not return to their show until further notice. joining me now with reaction is the author and commentatorimogene weber. >> it's a tragedy. >> we all agree. >> yep. >> i am not convinced that this radio hoax was responsible for this, especially because the hospital said today we never said anything but we were just supportive to her. >> experts are very clear. people do not take their own lives because of a single event. this isn't something we should rush to judge. nurses statistically are four times more likely than other women to take their own lives.
2:57 am
there will be other stories in play. our hearts go out to her husband, her two children, her family, her loved ones. there are other matters going on here. > >> sean: i looked on twitter today. you've got blood on your hands and people demanding that they be fired. when i first heard this before this ever happened. >> yeah. >> sean: i thought it was funny. >> when i was with imus yesterday. i was laughing. it was excruciating bad accents. the queen back in 1995 spent 15 minutes on the phone to a canadian radio dj who was pretending to be the okay naidan prince. prince charles was joking about the prank before the news. on assemble levelson some leveld before. >> sean: i'm not a big fan of the royals, you know. >> you wouldn't be. we would disagree on that. >> sean: yes, we would. it was a terrible accent. that's the thing. prince charles and the djs are doing the dog barking in the
2:58 am
background. it was awful. so it's a prank, they get away with it, but to the royals credit, they never complained to the hospital about it. they never lashed out. they never blamed anybody. i give them a lot of credit for that. >> no, they didn't. the royals are in a tricky time. prince diana and i think william and harry blame the media for it. william has this smiling hatred of the media. if he was crossed, it was at the media. it's a wonderful hospital. they've looked after the royals since 1899, had the royal charter since 1930. this is just a tragedy and we must avoid the witch hunt. what was going on twitter today was a witch hunt. >> sean: i would say after princess diana, i would say the media has backed off a little bit on kate middleton and on prince william. not a lot. prince harry needs to stay out of vegas hotels. >> the naked photos got william very, very upset. harry did get away with loss v.
2:59 am
certainly in the opinion polls are for him. at the end of the day, the royals are riding high in opinion policy. prince williams approval rating is around 89%. >> sean: brings charles iprincet as popular, is he? >> no, he's not. poor prince charles. >> sean: these are the australian disk jockeys. they're known for this. this is what they do. i grew up listening to howard stern and don imus. let me tell you, in comparison, pale. listen to this. >> they were the worst accents ever and when we made that phone call, we were sure a hundred people at least before us would have tried this same thing. >> they put us through. we were expecting to be hung up on. we didn't know what to say when we got through. >> sean: that would be like me doing a british accent. >> you sound like dick van dyke gone wrong. i mean, you sound appalling. >> sean: i can't do one. >> yeah. >> sean: i can do a


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